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FixitEasy Healthclub

FixitEasy by LiveGood

This is what you get in the concept

  FixitEasy was created in 2023 and we are a bunch from the LiveGood ConnectHouse team who will help each other in the groups.

 It's 28 days and you eat according to a schedule and a program.

 You only pay for LiveGood nutritional supplements:
SuperReds, SuperGreens, Collagen or Protein,

These are what we have with us right now, but it may change slightly later.

You get all the info when you sign up!  

⭐️FixitEasy with membership LiveGood (incl. starting fee 40 usd and SEK 9,95 usdfor 1 monthly fee).
 The products, free coaching and lecture. Price approx. about 150 usd

⭐️ extra bonus - hypnosis.  

ATTENTION! Customs duty may be added after it has arrived depends on which country you live in.
   The price includes shipping from the USA. When we get transport from Germany for people in Europe, the shipping is reduced and then it only takes a few days to get your order, whereas now it can take several weeks, so book quickly so you can get your products

 What we are probably quite unique in that you get all this with:
    Angel Walk - Squats Challenge - Exercise at Home    

   The function of the lymphatic system and how it can affect difficulty losing weight  
 That's how you get rid of your sweet tooth
The importance of nutrition in our bodies  
 LiveGood Products
 LiveGood Concept
FixitEasy Concept  

  We have an incredible number of professional people in our team and so much fun if you want to join us.  

Check out the LiveGood film about the membership and become a member now if you want,
 and then the 40 usd + 9.95 usd will be deducted from the approx. 150 usd

Eva-Lena Ivarsson